Bright Skies Counseling and Consultation, PLLC
Helping you cope with all of life's stresses to make your skies bright again.
Individual, Group, and Family Counseling 
serving adolescents and adults in Frisco, Texas and surrounding areas
Seeking counseling for yourself or your child can be a difficult decision.  When mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or overwhelming stress keep you from being able to live your life in a healthy and productive way, it may be time to seek help.  Our therapists work with individuals and families from a strengths based perspective, utilizing research driven interventions.  We partner with all of our clients to help you identify and achieve your goals for well-being.  Contact us to schedule an intake appointment and take the first step towards wellness!
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Our Services
We offer a full range of counseling and consultation services
  1. Consultation
    Is your child struggling in school? Are you working with multiple providers? Sometimes it helps to have a therapist who can consult with school staff or other providers to ensure that you or your child are receiving the best care possible.
  2. Individual Counseling
    Our therapists see adolescents and adults for counseling to address a full range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, relationship conflicts, self-harm, difficulties coping, and more.
  3. Group Counseling
    We will be offering group counseling on a range of topics. Check back for groups that we are currently offering.
Our Counseling Approach
At Bright Skies Counseling and Consultation, we believe that all individuals have strengths that can be utilized to improve your health and well-being.  We believe in partnering with our clients to help you identify your goals and determine a plan on how to best resolve the issues that you are struggling with.  We utilize a supportive and skill building approach to help put you in control of your feelings and your life.